Our key staff include licensed and experienced drillers, geologists, environmental scientists, geophysicists and field technicians, all with extensive experience who have all been with the company for many years. Our Drilling Project Managers, Environmental Scientists and support staff have an excellent understanding of all aspects of groundwater drilling, and provides us with the capability to complete projects in a scientific, systematic manner.



Qualifications: Class 6 NSW Drillers Licence DL1576, Advanced Diploma in Drilling Operations.
Associations: Australian Drilling Industry Association, Australian Hydrographers Association.
Professional Experience:
Terry is the Managing Director of The Impax Group.  Terry formed his own resource management and drilling company, now called The Impax Group, in 2003.  

Prior to forming his own company Terry was employed by the former Department of Land & Water Conservation and held the positions of Project Supervisor in the Groundwater Drilling Unit, Resource Officer (salinity) in the Groundwater Management Division and Hydrographer for Hydrographical Management Division. The knowledge and skills gained through numerous project and varied experiences resulted in a sound comprehension of the methods and current technology in regards to natural resource management.

Terry has over 30 years working in the groundwater and environmental industries, during which time he gained extensive experience and proved himself as a reliable and competent project manager.  Terry has an excellent understanding of groundwater processes and aquifer interactions, and has the skills and experience to design and manage large scale groundwater investigation projects.  

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Brendan Allen – Operations Manager

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (University of Wollongong), Class 4 NSW Drillers Licence #2071
Professional Experience:
Brendan is The Impax Group’s Operations Manager, and has worked for the company since 2005.  Brendan has been heavily involved in the supervision and administration of all of the companies projects over the past seven (7) years.  

Brendan joined The Impax Group after gaining a Bachelor of Science in 2004, and was involved in the preparation and completion of environmental drilling projects such as groundwater monitoring well installation projects and groundwater sampling projects. Brendan’s role has developed into administering multiple rig projects remotely from our Head Office based in Dubbo NSW, with additional duties including drilling and well construction supervision and conducting in-house safety and environmental audits of company drilling sites. 

Brendan is also a Licensed Driller, and has a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of Investigative and Environmental Drilling. His drilling experience ensures that all of the technical and administrative plan prepared for drilling projects completed by The Impax Group are practical in nature, and allow drilling projects to proceed in a manner that considers all the potential safety and environmental impacts, and also satisfies the requirements and expectations of our clients.

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Qualifications: Bachelor of Science and Master of Science – Geology (University of Canterbury), current PhD Candidate (University of Queensland)
Professional Experience:
Mike has 15 years’ experience working as a rig geologist on a variety of projects including coal exploration, monitoring bore drilling and groundwater investigative drilling. 

Mike has supervised both individual drillers as a rig geologist as well as multiple rig projects as a Supervising Geologist in charge of the day-to-day drilling operations. 

Mike has extensive experience in managing subcontractors including geophysical loggers, drill crew and earthmoving contractors. 

Mike has been responsible for implementing Health, Safety and Environmental Management procedures and conducting audits for drilling projects at a variety of mine sites.

Mike is familiar with bore hole sealing and grouting procedures and has a full understanding of technical aspects of pressure cementing coal seam gas boreholes. 

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