Environmental Management and Solutions

The Impax Group has qualified and experienced staff that can prepare all types of environmental management plans (EMPs).  Our EMPs are designed to cover all the key phases of projects which have the potential to impact upon the environment, from project design, construction, commission and operation.  Our EMPs identify the key environmental issues across a project and provide strategies and mitigation measures for managing such potential impacts in a safe and efficient manner.  

Unlike many other EMPs, our plans are developed to be consistent with the requirements of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard.  And unlike many other companies, we conduct a thorough environmental compliance review and whereby our environmental management plans provide straight forward instruction to ensure compliance.

We can prepare and implement EMPs including the following:

  • Mining/Exploration Drilling Safety and Environmental Management Plans;
  • Groundwater Impact Management Plans;
  • Review of Environmental Factors Reports; and
  • Habitat Assessments.