Hydrogeological Investigations

The Impax Group has qualified and experienced staff members who can design, implement and conduct hydrological investigations.  The Impax Group can also prepare detailed reports suitable for submission to Government Authorities including the NSW Office of Water and the NSW Department of Environment and Heritage.

Hydrogeological investigation services offered include the following:

  • Design of production bores, including:
    • correct selection of screen type, aperture, length and placement based on drilling log information;
    • sieve analysis reports; and
    • Preparation of design report suitable for submission to NSW Office of Water.
  • Supervision of drilling and construction of production bores;
  • Downhole geophysical logging, including:
    • Design of geophysical logging programs;
    • Data acquisition using one of our dedicated logging units, which are mobile and can be set up at any drilling location.  A wide variety of logging tools can be used by our logging units;
    • Collation and interpretation of captured data using industry standard software (well cad); and
    • Assessment of data and incorporation of data into the drilling program.
  • Pump-tests, including:
    • Drawdown step tests;
    • Short term pump tests and recovery tests;
    • Long term (1 week plus) pump tests and recovery tests;
    • Provision of trained and competent staff to supervise long term pump/recovery tests in remote locations (mine sites etc.);
    • Installation of down-hole pressure transducers logging accurate pump test data;
    • Collection of accurate pump-test data, including pumping rates, draw down rates and standing water levels in production and observation bores, using automated data recorders and manually operated dip meters; and
    • Collation of pump-test data into reports, including detailed aquifer modelling using computer software.
  • Collection and testing of groundwater samples for a variety of groundwater quality parameters, including Electrical Conductivity, pH, temperature and a wide variety of groundwater contaminates; and
  • Preparation of groundwater extraction applications for submission to the NSW Office of Water.

The Impax Group has three submersible pumps available for pump-testing projects, and can pump at rates ranging from 0.5l/s up to 45l/s.  Qualified staff are available to lower the pump into the bore and to ensure that the pump is set at the desired depth.  

We can also supply all flow meters and connections to the pump, and provide high-pressure lay-flat hose to allow for the water to be directed to a storage area or to be injected into an adjacent well.  We also have all of the necessary support equipment required to complete long-term pump tests, including three-phase power generators, diesel tanks, support vehicles and mobile accommodation units.  The Impax Group is set up to conduct long-term, continuous pump tests in isolated environments, and can pump tests bores of any depth or diameter.  

The Impax Group has the following equipment available for Hydrological Assessments:

  • Submersible pumps capable of pumping at up to 45 litres per second;
  • Surface injection pumps;
  • Automated water meters including divers, pressure transducers and water sampling kits;
  • 44kVa diesel powered generator;
  • High pressure lay-flat hose;
  • High pressure poly-pipe;
  • Flow meters, gate valves, pressure gauges and all connections;
  • 4WD Support Vehicles; and
  • Mobile Accommodation for long-term, continuous pump-test monitoring.

The Impax Group has geophysicists and technical officers on staff who can conduct down-hole geophysical logging using a variety of logging tools.  Our in-house capability for down-hole geophysical logging offers the most comprehensive array of groundwater and exploration tools of any comparable group in Australia.

Geophysical logging tools and equipment available include the following:

  • Gamma tools;
  • Resistivity tools;
  • Winches capable of auto-logging to a depth of 500m.

Environmental Management and Solutions

The Impax Group has qualified and experienced staff that can prepare all types of environmental management plans (EMPs).  Our EMPs are designed to cover all the key phases of projects which have the potential to impact upon the environment, from project design, construction, commission and operation.  Our EMPs identify the key environmental issues across a project and provide strategies and mitigation measures for managing such potential impacts in a safe and efficient manner.  

Unlike many other EMPs, our plans are developed to be consistent with the requirements of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard.  And unlike many other companies, we conduct a thorough environmental compliance review and whereby our environmental management plans provide straight forward instruction to ensure compliance.

We can prepare and implement EMPs including the following:

  • Mining/Exploration Drilling Safety and Environmental Management Plans;
  • Groundwater Impact Management Plans;
  • Review of Environmental Factors Reports; and
  • Habitat Assessments.

Geological Services

The Impax Group Geological Services Division has the capability to supply a wide range of professional geological services ranging from field logging through to full project management. Our geological services division is backed by a professional team of technical specialists that cover all aspects of the geological and geotechnical fields. These services include:

  • Drill Rig Supervision    
  • Drill Program Planning and Design
  • Chip and Core Logging    
  • Project and Contractor Management Services
  • Geotechnical Logging and Sampling    
  • Cultural Heritage and Environmental           
  • Management Services
  • Core Sampling    
  • Detailed Technical Reporting Services