About The Impax Group

The Impax Group is an independent, multi-disciplined drilling and environmental consultancy company. Our strength is designing custom solutions to suit the specific needs of individual projects. With offices in Dubbo, Wagga and Ballarat Victoria, we are strategically located for work in regional areas of Australia and provide specialist drilling and environmental services to clients in the private, commercial and government sectors.

The Impax Group Drilling Unit is solely involved in exploration and environmental drilling and purposely specialise in these fields to provide the most accurate drilling and testing methods for best project results. We recommend drilling methods on quality of results not on best production time and are happy to discuss any combination of methods with our clients.

Our Drilling Unit has the expertise and equipment to drill in any formation and we provides professional supervision of the drilling operation ensuring drilling equipment and sampling techniques meet the required standards. The unit also provides a flexible approach to all drilling project, a key component in any investigation program.

The Impax Group Drilling Unit is supported by a professional Environmental Management Unit, comprising of Environmental Engineers, Environmental Scientists and support staff. The Environmental Management Unit has an excellent understanding of all aspects of exploration and environmental drilling, and provides the Drilling Unit with the capability to complete projects in a scientific, systematic manner.

Services provided by the Environmental Management Unit include Environmental Safety Management Plans, Hydrogeological Investigations, Geological Borehole Logging, Review of Environmental Factors, Preliminary Environmental Investigations and Environmental Monitoring and Sampling.

The Impax Group appreciates the sensitive nature of providing a drilling service and our quality assurance program and systemised approach to environmental management will ensure all impacts on the natural and human urban environment are minimised.